Girls @ Best empowers and equips young women and adolescent girls in Cameroon (North West Region especially) to make informed and empowered Sexual, Reproductive Health and Rights choices.

We employ innovative and girl-friendly strategies to increase their access to SRHR information and services so they can prevent and protect themselves from;

  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • Unsafe abortions
  • Sexually transmitted infections and HIV/STI
  • Gender based violence (rape, child and forced marriages, breast ironing, female genital mutilation etc.)


Because they are the future!!
Enabling young women and adolescent girls reach their full potential is key to ending the inter-generational cycle of poverty and building a sustainable future for all. We believe every girl has the right to dream and deserves an equal chance to make that dream become a reality.

Empowering a young woman or an adolescent girl today is empowering an entire generation tomorrow because they are embodiment of all humans to be and have a great role to play in the growth and well-being of all.

Unfortunately, many young women and adolescent girls due to limited access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights information and services are;

  • Out of school
  • Mothers at tender ages (13 – 19 years),
  • Die from pregnancy and childbirth related complication
  • Infected with HIV and other preventable diseases and
  • Subject to various forms of violence (child marriages, rape, breast ironing etc.)

Increased access to SRHR information and services for young women and adolescent girls brings about a great cycle of change beneficial not only to them but to their families and communities;



NWRGirls @ Best works primarily in the North West Region of Cameroon. The Region is the third most populated Region in Cameroon after the Center and Littoral Regions. It has 7 Divisions with 34 sub-divisions and the basic unit of government is the Municipal Council with one in each sub-division. There are about 200 villages in the Region, headed by the “Fons or Chiefs” who as custodians of traditions and customs are often more influential than the administrative authorities. The culture is built on a patriarchal system where women and girls are given very low status and very little voice.


Girls @ Best uses a rights-based approach to addressing the Sexual Reproductive Health challenges faced by young women and adolescent girls, ensuring that respect of human rights is strengthened and gender equality is increased.

We do this by;

  • Providing Comprehensive SRHR Education through workshops with in and out of school young women and adolescent girls to enable them make informed and empowered choices about their Sexual and Reproductive health
  • Enhancing capacities of young women and adolescent girls to;
  1. Raise their voices against violence
  2. Unit and advocate for changes in laws, policies, harmful traditional practices and social norms that put them at risk
  3. Negotiate for the provision of information and services they need to make empowered and healthy sexual and reproductive choices and
  4. Make their voices heard in decision making processes on the design and implementation of actions that concern them.
  • Leading Advocacy on issues related to the SRHR of young women and adolescent girls in the Region
  • Promoting synergy among stakeholders involved in promoting the SRHR of young women and adolescent girls in the North West Region and Cameroon as a whole

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